Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Theology and Church Viability

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  1. Great Blog Post. Thank you.

    I would ask whether you think conservative theologies have an advantage because they fill a void that liberal and modern congregation do not, and arguably cannot — due to the absence of a coherent Theology and edifying set of traditions.

    I would suggest that this is evident in the number of young Charismatic/Pentecostal and Evangelicals currently flirting with not only the Reformed Anglican Congregations (like the 'Acts 29 Movement') but also Roman Catholicism. Some Charismatics are even flirting with Eastern Orthodox with who they have a kinship in 'Mystery'.

    I see two main causes of this migration.

    The first is that established Theologies provide a nice Bulwark against the excesses of the Evangelical and Charismatic Worlds (e.g. the Prosperity Gospel, rampant Secularization, and other non-Biblical teaching). I see many young former Charismatics enjoying these congregations because of the “biblical-based teaching” and substance.

    The second is that, the Roman Catholics have a canon of social teaching. This appears to be growing in importance as our society is still experiencing the full consequences of the Sexual Revolution and resulting Feminisms cascade further in our society.

    Many of us were born on the near side of these changes and it has created a lot of insecurity and confusion about what it means to be male and female, what the purpose of marriage is, and even the desirability of monogamy, and even having a family.

    Tradition and teaching on gender, sexuality and marriage can provide a sense of order to these now chaotic and changing norms, but also a rational defense of norms and their moral desirability.

    (BTW, Evangelica's fascination with Roman Catholocism gets a nice overview at

    1. Hi Anon - yes I agree with you. Our moral world is fragmenting, and becoming more and more incoherent. Genuine morality has become replaced with virtue-signalling. Young people are looking for a safe place, a solid reference point on which to build their lives with integrity. This search cannot be satisfying by packaging and marketing: it is a search of the heart.

  2. I need to send you an overdue email about this but the need for solid reference points is being filled by voices outside the Church such as Jordan Peterson, whom I quite like but is nominally Christian at best and most likely Daoist.

    Peterson is one of the few people willing to stand up and speak out about the destructive influence of Postmodernism, Nihilism and Cultural Marxism in our society - and the danger it will bring about some chronology of chaos and Totalitarianism. He even does so with extensive reference to Christianity and the Biblical Narrative.

    Sadly many of the Men who have been shamed out of Churches that have tacitly embraced Feminism's Misandry and Gynocentrism are following Jordan Peterson, who is described as a 'Gateway Drug to Christianity' and who many young Christian Men now think of as a Father figure.

    Anthony Bradley (a Professors in Theological Studies) articulate Peterson's popularity as the response to a void in the church, and even its failings nicely in this Twitter feed (well worth reading all 18 of his points)

    It fills me with sadness to see the Church mute on these subjects. Its acquiescence with the Sexual Revolution and the resulting Feminism have left us with not just a society free of genuine Fathers but a Church full of absent of emasculated Fathers.

    Whatever people think of Jordan Peterson, Milo Yiannopolous and their ilk, they are filling the void that the Church has created

  3. Thank you Mark, much appreciated.

    You present some needed facts - more evidence that indeed 'Progressive/Liberal Christianity' is an aberration. A

    Oh for the Living Word, living theology and the true gospel.
    The Church desperately needs to get back to the basics of 'revealed' theology rather than the current hybrid monster we have dreamt up for so-called modern times.

    Come Lord Jesus.


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