Saturday, August 13, 2011

More on England - unhappy children to disturbed young adults?

In relation to the English riots, I was interested to discover that in 2007, UNICEF published a report entitled ‘Child poverty in perspective; an overview of child well-being in rich countries’ (UNICEF, 2007). This provided an overview of child well-being in industrialised nations.  It used six main headings: material well-being; health and safety; education; peer and family relationships; behaviours and risks; and young people’s own sense of subjective well-being.

The report placed UK at the bottom of the league table.

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  1. and children who would have the chance have a brighter future elsewhere in Europe are held in England.

    One big issue is that family courts have never had the welfare of the children at heart, in fact, families are detroyed by them and childrens lifes made a misery.

    Now putting children in overcrowded prisons - what is this going to solve? Or will it make matters worse?
    The younger children are when they aare put in prison the first time, the more likely they will offend again.
    Instead of helping them, politicians and courts are going to detroy their lifes completely (consider what these young people have already been through before the riots - they obviously haven´t had a happy life...).


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