Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Common Word Between Us and You

I have prepared some notes on the Muslims' letter to Christian leaders "A Common Word Between Us and You".
My notes can be found here.
A group of Yale scholars have written a response.
My reflections on the Yale Response can be found here.

I hope these may be of assistance to Christians.


  1. I do think Christians and Muslims have to start at some starting point if it could bring forth a more positive future. This may be one point to start from.
    Do you have another one to offer that you find more suitable?

  2. If Muslims and Christians are wanting theological discussions, they could agree that God is the creator and judge.
    If they wish to build positive relationships for other purposes (e.g. living together in peace), they could agree to listen to each other, to respect each other's right to exist and to speak, and to agree to key principles of freedom and human dignity.
    Mark Durie

  3. Thanks for Your response.

    Yes I agree with You about being clear about the theological standpoints. Since that is the best opening to a possible respectful approach to continue from.
    As it comes to Your second point I do agree on this one too. The main point here should be 'listen to each other' since if that cannot first be fulfilled there are not many open roads to continue on.


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